Puyallup personal injury lawyer As a witness during your personal injury hearing, you want to make sure that you always carry yourself in a manner that instills confidence, and that you present your testimony in a way that demonstrates both your credibility as a witness and the credibility of your account. Here are a few tips from our Puyallup personal injury lawyer on how to be an effective witness.

  • Always listen to the questions asked. Take your time in answering the question and be sure to only answer what you have been asked;
  • Speak clearly and answer questions using words such as “Yes” or “No” rather than “Yeah,” “I guess” or “Um;”
  • Tell the truth. If you do not know the answer to a questions or if you do not understand the question you have been asked simply say so. Do not add or subtract information from your answer. If you are caught in a lie, it can be detrimental to your case;
  • Do not lose your temper. Even if you feel like defense counsel is harassing or badgering you, you cannot lose your cool. If the defense counsel crosses the line, your lawyer will make the appropriate objection and get the questioning back on track;
  • Do not exaggerate your injuries. Many jurors are suspicious of witnesses who over exaggerate injuries or put on a dramatic performance when describing their injuries;
  • Do not look to your lawyer for answers to difficult questions. If you are asked a question that you are not sure how to answer, do not look to your lawyer for guidance. Doing so will only make the jury suspicious. Simply answer the question the best you can; and
  • Always be yourself. Juries can often see through fake personalities, and if a jury believes you are being insincere, it will affect your credibility as a witness.

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