• July 7, 2014
  • DUI

Tacoma DUI attorneyCertain roadside tests designed to measure sobriety might have inherent problems when it comes to their legality. If you feel you have been subject to unfair tests, talk to our drunk driving lawyer in Puyallup.

Information on the Handwriting Test from Our Drunk Driving Attorney in PuyallupConsumption of any amount of alcohol can change a person’s handwriting. However, studies show that other factors in addition to alcohol consumption could also affect a person’s handwriting. Furthermore, a person’s handwriting cannot determine the level of intoxication. One study of 35 people who gave handwriting samples before and after drinking determined that their handwriting could not be used to accurately determine their blood-alcohol-content level. Contact our drunk driving lawyer in Puyallup if you were ordered to take this type of handwriting test.Our Drunk Driving Lawyer in Puyallup Discusses the Hand Pat In the hand pat test, the person places their hands together, one facing up and one facing down. They then flip the top hand and pat the bottom hand, first with the palm of their hand, then with the back of their hand. The police usually increase the speed of the test and finally end it. Some people, including our drunk driving lawyer in Puyallup, consider the design of this test to result in built-in failure for anyone who takes it. Our drunk driving lawyer in Puyallup can defend you if you were required to perform this test during a traffic DUI stop.

Picking Up Coins from the Perspective of Our Drunk Driving Attorney in Puyallup

Picking up coins is another test that assesses how well the person uses their hands. The subject must pick up coins off a level surface. However, according to our drunk driving attorney in Puyallup, it has not been scientifically proven to determine sobriety; fortunately, it is not used often. Talk to our drunk driving lawyer in Puyallup about your concerns related to this test.

DUIs can be complex matters, but our drunk driving lawyer in Puyallup has a successful track record of defending these charges. Contact Greene & Lloyd, PLLC, at (253) 770-0808 for help with your case.