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Resisting arrest is defined as willfully using any amount of force to prevent a law enforcement officer from arresting you, handcuffing you and/or taking you to jail. It is typically charged as a misdemeanor, except when a firearm is taken from the arresting officer in the act of resisting arrest, in which case the judge may choose to charge it as a felony. If convicted of resisting arrest, you face severe penalties in the form of heavy fines, jail time and a permanent criminal record. Even if you only used a small amount of force, or were a victim of police misconduct during an arrest, you may still be charged with resisting arrest.

What To Do If You’re Charged With Resisting Arrest

The first step to fighting the charges against you is to retain the services of an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer who is well versed in police conduct law and can successfully defend you. Possible defenses against resisting arrest charges include:

  • False accusation of resisting arrest
  • The arrest was unlawful
  • Police officer misconduct
  • Self defense

At Greene & Lloyd, PLLC, we have a proven success record in defending resisting arrest cases similar to yours. We will assist you throughout all stages of your case, and give you the information you need to make sound decisions about whether or not to go to trial, and how best to protect your future. Our goal is to keep you out of jail and keep your criminal record clean. Call us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your resisting arrest case. We are available to assist you.


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