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Shoplifting is often considered petty theft and is not taken seriously. In Washington, shoplifting is the most common theft crime to be committed and it happens on a daily basis. However, if you are charged and convicted of shoplifting, you could face significant penalties regardless of the value of the items that were stolen. Shoplifting charges can seriously affect your life, your freedom and your reputation.

Misdemeanor Shoplifting

  • Is charged when the value of the item(s) stolen do not exceed $300
  • Is punished with community service, probation and fines

Felony Shoplifting

  • Is charged when the value of the item(s) stole exceed $300
  • Is punished with jail time, fines, probation and community service

Often shoplifting is a crime committed by upstanding, hardworking citizens who make a simple mistake or exhibit an isolated lapse in judgement. These citizens do not deserve to spend time behind bars for a single mistake and deserve a zealous defense against the shoplifting charges that have been levied against them. At Greene & Lloyd, PLLC, we have successfully defended a number of shoplifting cases similar to yours. We have a proven record in getting shoplifting charges reduced or dismissed and can bring our experience and resources to your case. You have the right to an aggressive attorney who will fight for your rights on your behalf, and do everything possible to minimize the impact shoplifting charges can have on your life. If you’re facing shoplifting charges, don’t let them ruin your life. Call Greene & Lloyd, PLLC today to discuss your case. We are available now to assist you.


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