Tacoma Car Accident Attorney When you have been injured in a car accident, there are certain red flags that will make it more difficult for your Tacoma car accident attorney to recover compensation for you. By understanding what these are, you may be better-positioned to avoid them and to increase the chances of a successful recovery result.

Insurance Adjusters Are Trained to Question Things That Do Not Add Up

As a part of their job, insurance adjusters question anything that doesn’t make sense to them given the facts of the case and the medical records they have to review. When they are suspicious, they will thoroughly investigate all of the factors and information provided to them. They may become suspicious simply because they get a bad feeling from the claimant as well. The following are some common red flags that insurance adjusters are trained to look out for.

Medical Treatment Red Flags

The adjuster will want a clear articulation of the damages involved in the claim. They treat some common circumstances as suspicious, however. If your lawyer regularly sends their clients to a specific physician, the adjuster is likely to view that arrangement as suspect. Similarly, if the same group of lawyers and doctors shows a pattern of referring clients to one another, the insurance company’s interest will be piqued. Even the type of doctor you choose for your treatment can raise red flags. For example, if you have only sought treatment from a chiropractor for your soft tissue injury, the adjuster is less likely to value that than if your treatment came from a neurosurgeon or other type of doctor. Another thing that will send an insurance adjuster investigating is if your medical expenses do not appear to be supported by the medical records for your injury treatment. The insurance adjuster will also look at the amount of treatment you have received. If you have continued physical therapy sessions but have not shown any improvement, they will view that as highly suspect. Claiming damages for soft tissue damages for which you have little or no medical documentation will also be looked at askance, especially if you try to claim ongoing disability from them. If your medical bills appear to be exorbitant as compared to the treatment you have received, your insurance adjuster will look at them very closely. Similarly, when some of your treatment has been for a type of injury not involved in your claim, such as a mental health referral when you were in a low-impact crash, the adjuster is unlikely to agree to pay for damages for those visits.

The Importance of Honesty

When you are building your medical record for your personal injury claim, it is important that you are completely honest with your treating physicians. Insurance adjusters are able to spot patterns that indicate to them when people are exaggerating the extent of their injuries. If you try to inflate your damages in this manner, your Tacoma car accident attorney will simply have a much more difficult time in getting you the compensation you deserve.

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