drinks and keys Tacoma DUI AttorneyAs your Tacoma DUI attorney will tell you, being convicted of a DUI (Driving while under the Influence) can severely impact your life. A DUI conviction can negatively impact your life by not being able to secure a job, rent an apartment, get a student loan, and other various parts of your life. Depending on your state, you may be eligible to have you record expunged of your DUI conviction. Check with your Tacoma DUI attorney to see if you may be eligible for expunging it off of your record. While some other states may not allow the record to be expunged, they may allow other alternatives which you can benefit from. The following information from your Tacoma DUI attorney will help you to understand what an expungement is and who it may benefit. If you have any further questions, schedule a consultation with your Tacoma DUI attorney.

What Is an Expungement?

An expungement is is essentially when your DUI conviction gets set aside from your record. The DUI conviction can still be held against you as a prior conviction, however it will not be visible to others such as creditors, those doing a background check, educational institutions, and employers. Your DUI conviction will effectively be sealed to anyone outside of the criminal justice system.

Can Any DUI Be Expunged from My Record?

The laws of expunging criminal records can vary from state-to-state. However, it is typical that only a first time DUI offense will be eligible for expungement. The court will be the one that decides if you will be qualified to have your DUI conviction expunged from your record.

Juvenile Expungement

There are usually special rules that apply for juvenile offenders. These laws can vary from state-to-state, sometimes even in different counties.

Will the Expungement Impact My Suspended Driver’s License?

If you qualify for an expungement of your DUI conviction, it will have no effect on your status with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Whatever the status is of your driving privileges will remain the same even after a record expungement.

Examples of an Expungement

Depending on the state you were convicted in, you may be able to file a petition with the court to have the charges expunged from your record. In some states you may even be able to have a felony DUI conviction expunged from your record. You will have to complete any court ordered programs, such as probation, before you are able to qualify for an expungement. In other states, the DUI conviction will only be eligible for expungement if the case was dismissed by the court, the charges were dropped, or if you were found to be not guilty of the charges against you. These states will also allow any potential employers to know about your DUI conviction, even if it was expunged successfully from your criminal record.

Consult with a Tacoma DUI Attorney

A skilled DUI attorney can help you examine your case to figure out if your conviction would qualify for an expungement. For help from an experienced professional, contact your Tacoma DUI attorney today from Greene & Lloyd, PLLC at (253) 770-0808. Greene & Lloyd, PLLC has the Tacoma DUI attorney who will help you fight for your rights in your DUI case.