Businesswoman's hands Tacoma DUI AttorneysTacoma DUI attorneys can explain the strengths and weaknesses of the case as they perceive them. However, another important component to this evaluation is the prosecutor’s assessment of the case. It is important for Tacoma DUI attorneys to discover the intention of the prosecutor. Many DUI cases do not go to trial, and the prosecutor may have no intention at all of trying a particular case. Instead, the prosecutor may wish to offer a plea bargain to quickly settle the case. The following tricks can help a DUI attorney to predict the prosecutor’s true intent.


Tacoma DUI attorneys can learn a lot about a prosecutor’s intention by listening to what they have to say. A prosecutor may directly or indirectly state his or her intention to resolve the case before trial. For example, he or she may seem non-committal about a trial date because he or she knows there probably will not be a trial. Many DUI prosecutors believe that there is a cut-and-dry approach to the case and will not try to hide the ball when it comes to their intention about a DUI case.


Another way that a DUI attorney may be able to predict a prosecutor’s intention is by reviewing the case. For example, he or she can assess the amount of discovery that has been completed in the case. If a prosecutor is taking a proactive approach to the case by making demands for more information and filing motions, it is likely that he or she plans to move forward with a case to trial. Prosecutors simply lack the time necessary to approach a case with this fervor if there is no intention to move forward with a case in trial.

Other Factors

A DUI attorney can also assess the prosecutor’s real intention by evaluating other factors associated with the case. For example, the court system may seem particularly packed. The prosecutor may have an incentive to dispose of the case before trial if he or she is busy with other cases. Another relevant factor is the prosecutor’s schedule. He or she may have business or personal commitments that can be taking up his or her time. Trials tend to take a lot more time than plea bargains. There is less preparation needed for a prosecutor to offer a plea bargain than to prepare for a jury trial. A DUI attorney can review the prosecutor’s schedule to see when he or she is scheduled for trials. If the prosecutor has had several weeks’ worth of trials, he or she may welcome a break. Alternatively, he or she could have a very busy schedule on the horizon. Alternatively, new prosecutors who are hoping to improve their trial statistics may welcome a DUI trial as an easy way of getting a conviction.

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