• May 27, 2013
  • DUI

If a police officer stopped you illegally, you may have a defense to your drunk driving charge. If you feel you were unlawfully stopped by the police, a Tacoma DUI defense lawyer can help evaluate whether you have a valid defense to your charges.

Can a Police Officer Stop Me For Crossing the Center Line?
Tacoma DUI Defense Lawyer It depends. Your Tacoma DUI defense lawyer will evaluate all of the circumstances surrounding your stop. In some cases, courts have found justification for police stops when the defendant weaved through lanes many times combined with erratic speed changes.

Your Tacoma DUI defense attorney can tell you that under other circumstances, courts have found “lane-weaving” is not enough for a lawful stop. Courts look at how often did the officer say you weaved. Did you cross into the emergency lane? Were there other cars in the area? Did you actually cross the center line? If the answer is no to all of those questions, your Tacoma DUI defense lawyer may be able to use this in your defense.

They Can’t Stop Me For Driving Too Slow, Can They?

Again, the answer is…it depends. Your Tacoma DUI defense lawyer can advise you of the factors that may have justified the stop. If you were driving on the highway, courts will look at whether your slow speed caused a safety hazard. If not, and especially if there was no posted minimum speed limit, this can work in your favor. Your Tacoma DUI defense lawyer will also ask about traffic lights. If they pulled you over for not responding quickly when a red light changed to green, the

stop may not have been justified unless you also ignored honking horns.

These are just some of the factors your Tacoma DUI defense lawyer needs to consider in preparing your defense. For more information and to put experienced Tacoma DUI defense attorneys in your corner, contact Greene & Lloyd PLLC now at (253) 770-0808.