Gavel and Stethoscope on white background. Tacoma Personal Injury LawyersNot all personal injury cases should be litigated through regular court, and Tacoma personal injury lawyers will recommend that some cases instead be filed in small claims court instead. If the damages to your vehicle are less than $5,000 and you also did not suffer a personal injury, small claims court may be a better option for your case.

What Types of Cases Are Heard in Small Claims Court?

Small claims courts in Washington hear cases in which the damages involved are minimal. In car accidents, these damages are normally due to the fault and negligent actions of another driver who has refused to pay them. These courts also hear other types of civil cases between individuals, such as those involving damage to your property, damages due to defective products and debts that are owed.

Before You Decide to File in Small Claims Court

If your damages are very minimal and don’t exceed $3,000, you may want to consult with Tacoma personal injury lawyers in order to determine if your case is worth filing. Although the fees associated with small claims cases are less than those associated with other types of cases, your case may not be worth your time and effort to litigate it through a small claims court trial. Before you decide to try, you might first want to try to send a letter to the other person demanding they pay the damages they owe you. You might also offer to compromise on the amount or to settle it through mediation with a neutral third party. If they still refuse, you may then file your case.

Lawyers and Small Claims Court

If you choose to file your claim in small claims court, you should understand that attorneys generally will not be able to appear with you. Your attorney may be able to provide you with advice about the law and the procedure in court, however. This can help you to be more prepared for your trial.

Contact Tacoma Personal Injury Lawyers

If you were injured in your car accident, your case is probably not appropriate for small claims court. In order to help you decide the best court in which to file your lawsuit, you should speak with a personal injury attorney. The Tacoma personal injury lawyers at Greene & Lloyd, PLLC will be happy to advise you, and they can be contacted at (253) 770-0808.