• November 4, 2013
  • DUI

When an officer stops a motorist for suspicion of driving under the influence, he generally will administer field sobriety tests. The Romberg Test is one that is commonly used for this purpose, but it is not without its weaknesses. A Roy DUI defense attorney will examine the specifics of your test to determine whether it was conducted properly, and whether results could have been affected by other factors.

A Roy DUI Defense Attorney Explains the History of the Romberg Test

Roy DUI Defense AttorneyIn 1853 a German ear specialist named Moritz Heinrich Romberg created a test intended to assess a patient’s balance. This was done in order to diagnose certain diseases. Nowadays this test has been adapted for use as in testing for driving under the influence, and goes by the name Romberg Test The test actually shows a possible dysfunction of the brain and inner ear.

Your Roy DUI defense attorney understands that such possible dysfunction can have many other causes, despite the fact that it is so often used by law enforcement. It should be noted that it is not considered a standardized field sobriety test, yet many times serves a similar purpose.

Roy DUI Defense Attorneys Explain the Test Itself

Your Roy DUI defense attorney is all too familiar with the mechanics of the Romberg test. In its most basic form, the Romberg asks subjects to stand, feet together and hands at their sides, with eyes closed and heads tilted back.

Roy DUI defense lawyers are also familiar with variations of the test. These are often called the “Sharpened” or “Modified” Romberg. They may ask a subject to stand heel to toe, put the arms straight in front, or touch their finger to their nose, among other tasks.

Roy DUI Defense Lawyers Know the Truth

Roy DUI defense attorneys know that failing the test doesn’t necessarily mean you weren’t sober. Talk to your attorney today to craft options for your defense.

A Roy DUI Defense Attorney Can Help with Your Case

The Romberg and other sobriety tests can be difficult to figure out, especially without a medical or legal background. Get help from an experienced Roy DUI defense lawyer by calling Greene & Lloyd PLLC at (253) 770-0808.