• April 22, 2013
  • DUI

Timeliness is extremely important in successfully fighting a DUI arrest. Your Pierce County DUI defense attorney will take steps to learn important details about the time of your arrest as soon as possible.

Contacting Witnesses

Pierce County DUI defense attorneySeeking out and contacting potential witnesses are tasks that your Pierce County DUI defense attorney will want to address immediately. This includes anyone you interacted with leading up to and at the time of the arrest.

Give your Pierce County DUI defense attorney any relevant names and phone numbers as early as you are able so that the lawyer may contact them. If you wait too long, these contacts may not remember many of the particulars asked of them by your Pierce County DUI defense lawyer. Thus, timeliness is key in keeping these prospective witnesses’ recollections intact.

Do not let your pride get in the way of alerting these potential witnesses to your arrest. It is important for your DUI defense attorney to speak with them in order to best serve you. If you do refuse your lawyer’s advice to do so, they will likely ask you to sign something recognizing that you were responsible for this decision.

Maintaining Admissible Evidence 

Another detail that may be relevant to your DUI case is the shoes you were wearing at the time of your arrest. This may seem like an odd aspect to focus on, but as your Pierce County DUI defense lawyer will explain, this information could be particularly useful if you were given a field sobriety test.

During the test, you may have been asked to balance or walk in a straight line. If you were wearing a shoe with a heel, such as high heels or boots, this may have affected your ability to perform during such a test. Similarly, sandals and other footwear with inadequate support may be to blame for poor field sobriety test execution.

Your Pierce County DUI defense lawyer will ask if you still have the shoes worn during your arrest and, if so, to keep them in the same condition as the time of your field sobriety test. If you continue to wear these shoes, they will likely become worn down or even damaged, causing issues with admitting them as evidence for trial.

Contact a DUI Attorney Right Away

The issue of timeliness is just one of several important aspects of your DUI case that your Pierce County DUI defense attorney will be able to address in further detail. It is essential that you contact your Pierce County DUI defense attorney immediately after arrest, so contact Greene & Lloyd PLLC at (253) 770-0808 with your questions.