Tacoma WA DUI lawyerOur Tacoma WA DUI lawyer has observed that when an informant or witness speaks out openly, the courts view their cooperation favorably. The judicial system often works with them as they share their story in exchange for reduced penalties. The court’s philosophy is that once the person identifies themselves, they will probably tell the truth because lying could result in criminal sanctions and civil penalties. A good DUI attorney can provide you with help if an informant is testifying against you.

Our Tacoma WA DUI Lawyer Gives Examples

Our Tacoma WA DUI attorney is familiar with several examples of using witnesses and informants. An eyewitness in Missouri reportedly watched a purple Jeep weaving across the road and contacted the authorities. The courts upheld the arrest. A Kansas witness reported her personal information when she described the vehicle driven by a motorist who was possibly intoxicated. The courts ruled that she was credible since she gave authorities her name and address. An Arkansas man also gave his name and said he observed illegal activity. Police observations substantiated his tips, and the courts ruled in favor of the arrest.

A Reliable Witness: A Case Study

In Florida, a fast-food manager called police regarding a possible motorist who was driving while impaired. She gave her personal information and relevant facts about the vehicle. The courts considered her information to be very reliable. Even so, a DUI lawyer can defend clients when a witness provides these types of supposed tips.

Examples of Exceptions to Tips

On the other hand, in Utah, a woman reported that she and her boyfriend engaged in a nonviolent domestic argument. She only told police that he was drinking but did not say he was impaired or provide details on amounts. The courts found that this information was not enough to justify the man’s arrest. Talk to our Tacoma WA DUI attorney if you think you might have been unjustly arrested after a vague tip.

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