Tacoma personal injury attorneyWhen you initially meet with a Tacoma personal injury attorney to discuss your case, they will also go through a general checklist and review several factors before they agree to take the case. A lawyer might consider the following information.

When Did the Incident Happen?

Tacoma personal injury lawyers will look at how long you waited to contact them after the accident. The shorter the time frame between the accident and your call to them, the more effectively they can represent you. Some people try to handle the case on their own, but they could make serious mistakes that damage their case. In addition, personal injury cases have a statute of limitations, and you do not want to risk waiting too long or else you will not be able to file a lawsuit.

Where Did the Accident Happen?

The location is important because it must have occurred within the jurisdiction that the Tacoma personal injury attorney represents.

How Did the Accident Happen?

The answer to this question will determine who is liable. If you are at fault for most or all of the accident, you probably do not have a solid case. Clearly and honestly answer any questions that the Tacoma personal injury lawyers ask so that they can effectively represent you.

What Type of Injuries Did the Victims Suffer?

If you or the other victims have not yet been treated for your injuries, a lawyer will probably not believe that your injuries are serious. They will want to hear you explain the accident so they know if you will make a believable witness in court. They will also want to know if your condition is expected to improve or if you will suffer long-term impairment as a result of your injuries.

Were There Witnesses?

Witnesses to the accident can provide credibility to your story and add a different perspective. A lawyer will want to further discuss the case with them.

After an accident, you need a Tacoma personal injury attorney to effectively represent you in a lawsuit. You can reach the law offices of Greene & Lloyd, PLLC, at (253) 770-0808 for help with your case.