Puyallup DUI attorney A Puyallup DUI attorney will explain everything about the case to a client.

Your Puyallup DUI Lawyer Will Help You Understand All Elements of Your Case

A DUI case hinges on the prosecutor proving that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Your lawyer will provide an in-depth explanation of what you are facing. There are many consequences if you are convicted including the possibility of jail time. There are potential options such as a plea deal or alternatives in the sentence.

Understanding the Aspects of a DUI Charges and Its Consequences

Your attorney will explain the following:

  1. The defenses you can present and the fines you will face;
  2. If there is the possibility of a civil lawsuit in the event of an accident;
  3. What the minimum and maximum penalties will be if you are convicted;
  4. The potential to have your driver’s license suspended or revoked;
  5. If you can take driving safety courses, alcohol education classes or a treatment program in lieu of jail; and
  6. The possibility of higher insurance rates.

Knowing the Seriousness of Perjury

A Puyallup DUI attorney will make certain to explain the implications of committing perjury. If you are under oath and knowingly make false statements, it is considered perjury. If charged with perjury, there are serious penalties you will face in the event of a conviction.

Understanding How Attorney Fees Will Be Paid

You and your lawyer will also discuss how the fees will be paid. You will have to sign a verification that you agree to the fees and have accepted them. The fee will also have the retainer included, charges to be paid for experts testifying on your behalf and other charges.

Contact an Experienced Puyallup DUI Lawyer

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