Pierce County DUI lawyerAs you get closer to your DUI trial, your Pierce County DUI lawyer may discuss his or her strategy of defending your case. In particular, he or she may mention the need to use psychology to persuade juries of your side of the story.

Getting to Yes

For many years, social scientists have conducted studies that try to determine what will influence people to say “yes.” Scientists have learned that consistency, liking, reciprocation, scarcity, consensus and authority are principles that get people to say “yes.” These principles have been utilized by fundraisers, advertisers and salespeople. A Pierce County DUI lawyer may also adapt these principles.


People strive to be consistent in their value systems. If they make commitments upfront, such as being open to the arguments that your attorney will make, they may make bigger commitments at the end of the trial.


This concept is relatively simple. People prefer to give someone what they want if they like that person.


Reciprocation is premised on the idea that when someone receives something that he or she will give something back in return. In social situations, this may include hosting duties or giving gifts.


This principle is based on the idea that people are influenced by information that seems scarce and exclusive.


The principle of consensus relies on the notion that the more often that a person sees others doing something, the more common it is that they will do the same thing.


Your Pierce County DUI lawyer can explain that it is important that your attorney maintain an air of authority. People are more likely to comply with instructions made by a person whom they respect as an authority figure.

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