Hurting hand  pierce county personal injury lawyerA Pierce County personal injury lawyer can explain that visual evidence and demonstrative evidence are important in many personal injury cases.

Reasons for Photographic Evidence

A Pierce County personal injury lawyer may recommend that you take pictures of your injury. Often, there is a significant amount of time that passes between the injury and the trial. For this reason, it is important to document the injury so that there is proof that it actually existed later. Photographs can help depict the true nature of the injury and its transition over time. Another reason why a Pierce County personal injury lawyer may suggest that you photograph an injury is in case it is in a location on your body that would be immodest for you to display during a court proceeding. In many situations, photographs provide the best representation of the subject matter. For example, photos can show scars, black eyes or hematomas. These kinds of photographs can help showcase the pain that you endured even after they have long faded. Additionally, photos can show the treatments that you were subjected to so that the jury or insurance adjuster can get a better idea of the ordeal you experienced.

Obtaining Visual Evidence

Your Pierce County personal injury lawyer may suggest that you take your own photos to ensure that you have adequate proof of your injuries. Although the quality may not be the same as a professional photographer’s photos, taking your own photos allows you to follow the injury over time. Be sure that you capture any changes in treatment to paint a better picture. For example, take a picture of a broken arm when it is in a cast and right after the cast is taken off. This helps you show any skin lesions or atrophy that has developed. Another way to get pictures is to ask a physician to take pictures of the injuries. You can request your physician to take pictures of each stage of your treatment and pictures during operations.

Legal Help from a Pierce County Personal Injury Lawyer

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