Puyallup personal injury attorneyAlthough most personal injury cases settle before entering the trial phase, a small number of cases will end up in litigation. There is no good way to tell whether or not a case will settle or go to trial. A Puyallup personal injury attorney can keep a client informed in the event that a case does go to trial.

What Happens When a Case Does Go to Trial?

A Puyallup personal injury lawyer will stay in contact with the plaintiff and keep him or her informed of any responsibilities in the case. The plaintiff will most likely need to attend a deposition and answer questions. When the case moves into the litigation phase, the plaintiff should do the following, according to a Puyallup personal injury attorney.

  • Keep an open line of communication with a Puyallup personal injury lawyer;
  • Respond to any phone calls, letters or requests for contact from a Puyallup personal injury attorney;
  • If there have been any changes to the plaintiff’s injury, marital status, employment status, phone number or address, make sure to inform the Puyallup personal injury attorney who is handling the case;
  • If a Puyallup personal injury attorney requests any documents or information, make an effort to prepare or obtain them as soon as possible;
  • It is important to steer clear of legal trouble while the trial is ongoing;
  • Avoid any workplace confrontations and maintain current employment status; and
  • Keep track of lost income and medical expenses and give the information to a Puyallup personal injury attorney.

Will a Court Trial Require Additional Work From a Puyallup Personal Injury Attorney? Will There Be Additional Legal Fees?

Additional percentages may be charged in the event of a lawsuit. The additional fees should be covered in the contingent fee agreement provided by a Puyallup personal injury lawyer.

If the attorney accepts the case, he or she will inform the plaintiff of contingent fees when the case is accepted. It is important to note that litigation is an expensive, difficult and time-consuming process. In order to prepare for trial, the plaintiff’s lawyer will need to correspond with the plaintiff, defense attorney, any witnesses and physicians. Additionally, the lawyer will need to research the law, take depositions and prepare court documents. In most cases, additional staff such as associates, paralegals and private investigators will also be working on the case. This additional work and use of resources may add to the legal fees.

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