Most personal injury claims end with a settlement agreeable to both parties. However, sometimes reaching a settlement is impossible, in whichcase your Puyallup personal injury attorney may take the case to a lawsuit. If this happens, your likely wonder what will happen next.

Summons and Complaint

Puyallup Personal Injury AttorneyOnce it becomes clear that the case is going to litigation, your Puyallup personal injury lawyer will prepare a Summons and Complaint to file with the court, which is the document initiating a lawsuit. The Summons and Complaint will be served upon the person or persons you are naming as the defendant (specifically, the person or party who caused your injuries), and you will be listed as the plaintiff.

The Response

Once the defendant is served, their insurance company will hire a defense lawyer to represent them in the lawsuit, who will file an Answer to the Complaint to be sent to your Puyallup personal injury attorney. The Answer will typically deny any responsibility for the injuries and may name other parties who were involved as those responsible.


Then a process called discovery will begin, which is where your Puyallup personal injury attorney and the defense attorney will both ask for any and all relevant information and documents from each other. You will probably be asked to provide your Puyallup personal injury lawyer with documents such as medical records and wage loss statements, which will be sent to the defense counsel.

You will probably also be sent written questions called interrogatories which your Puyallup personal injury lawyer will ask you to write down answers for. You will have to sit for a deposition, in which you will give oral testimony about what happened and answer questions from the defense lawyer. This will be transcribed by a court reporter and may be videotaped.

Your Puyallup personal injury attorney and the defense attorney will file Requests for Production of Documents to ask for witness statements, medical bills, and other documents pertaining to your claim. They may also file Requests for Admissions which require the parties to admit to certain facts not in dispute, so that they cannot be argued later.

Additionally, your Puyallup personal injury attorney will organize depositions with your doctors, meetings with any witnesses who were present, and prepare briefs to file with the court before the trial begins.

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