Tacoma DUI attorneyOne of the goals of our Tacoma DUI attorney is to find out what the prosecution’s intentions are regarding your case. Even if you have been charged with a DUI, the prosecution might decide they do not want to take your case to trial. They might want to try the case, but settling it is generally less expensive for the taxpayers while the prosecution can still achieve the desired result of a conviction. However, your Tacoma personal DUI lawyer will need to know the terms of any possible plea deal before agreeing that these are in your best interests. They will use their experience and other clues to determine a reasonable offer in your case.

Listening to the Prosecution

The prosecution will often ask for a meeting with your Tacoma DUI attorney in order to discuss the case. Your lawyer will listen to them talk about the evidence and a possible resolution out of court. Most prosecutors believe that DUI cases are fairly straightforward, so they do not attempt to hide strategies from opposing counsel. A simple discussion might lead to a satisfactory deal.

Looking at the Evidence

Your Tacoma personal DUI lawyer might also review the evidence obtained via discovery. Additionally, the prosecutor might request significantly less documentation if they plan to settle the case anyhow. They probably will not put the same amount of effort into the case if they plan to pursue a plea deal.

Understanding Case Dynamics

Your attorney will also consider the dynamics of the case and contributing factors. For example, opposing counsel might be distracted by personal issues. They could be worn out from working on a high-profile case. A heated DUI case might have recently dominated the news, so the prosecutor’s supervisor is putting pressure on them to take the case to trial. Some new prosecutors think they can raise their trial statistics because they believe DUI cases are easy court victories.

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